Pet fest weekend

Today's nice and warm afternoon was spent over at Pet Fest at Palmetto Islands County Park. Forgot to grab the camera on the way out so no pictures this time.

This year's event was much bigger than last year (which was bigger than the year before) and stretched out to cover more of the park this time around. Plenty of vendors and dog rescue groups showing off their things. The dogs had a good time meeting other dogs, walking around sniffing the sights/scents and getting treats at the booths. There were doggie contests to show off your pooch. Simba and I entered the musical sit contest and even managed to win a cool prize basket from Palmetto Paws!. The basket had some really cool things that both dogs will enjoy, along with a gift certificate to get more things for the dogs to play with :).

The K-9 division of the Charleston Police Department put on a neat police dog demonstration that was cool to watch. Those are some well trained dogs, I tell you. There were frisbee dog demonstrations that were fun to watch (those dogs can jump and catch like you wouldn't believe). There was even a flyball track where they were doing demonstrations and giving short intro lessons. Flyball looks like fun, but I don't think I could get Nala and Simba into it. Nala only goes after the ball when she feels like it, and Simba only goes for the ball if you kick it for him.

Caught up with Susan at Purely Positive to ask about the new off-leash class at her new Dolittles location. That'll be the next class for Nala and Simba to do. I'll have to start practicing some more with Nala again and get her to start paying more attention to me before class starts.

Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.