Fishing fun

Today would have been a good day for a DITL photo essay, if only my camera was working.

Back from our fishing trip and had a great time. Went probably a few miles out past Fort Sumter, set anchor in about 35' (11 m) or so of water and baited some rods with squid. I managed to catch two black-tipped shark about the length of my forearm. Holding onto the shark while my friend took the hook out was pretty cool. Another friend managed to reel in another shark about the same size, a little baby shark and a croaker, but the other one got shut out today. Still it was a good day for hanging out on the boat and fishing.

Towards the end though, the heat and sun started getting to me more than I expected, and all the bobbing around started to make me feel pretty queasy. It cut our expedition a little shorter than planned, but I'm looking forward to going back out again.

I'm beginning to see why so many people like fishing. It's not so much catching the fish, but just getting away from everything and leaving it all behind for a while. I could definitely get used to it.