Fun at the dog show

Had a good morning with the dogs at the Charleston Dog Show and the Farmer's Market.

Had Simba entered in the Sporting Group but didn't quite make the cut. He did make me proud by being good enough to pass the CGC test though!

There was a pretty good turnout for the dog show this year with all kinds of different dogs. The dogs had a good time checking things out and despite my best efforts, nabbing bits of popcorn off the ground.
Waiting for the Herding group to go into the ring

The sporting group was the second group to go, so after we were finished with that, we hit the farmer's market for a little bit of breakfast and to ogle the strawberries
Breakfast crepe

Baskets of strawberries

I couldn't make it out of the market without grabbing a couple baskets of these yummy berries.

A bucket of ice water was set out so the dogs could get a cool drink as the day got warmer, so Nala couldn't resist bobbing for ice cubes
Bobbing for ice cubes

And then the morning was wrapped up with a romp at the dog park
Waiting for someone to throw the ball