MRI magnet removal

Had the opportunity to see the removal of one of the 1.5T magnets today. Because of its location on the third floor, MRI magnets have to be dropped in or removed through a hatch in the ceiling, requiring the use of a very large crane.

This is the magnet being removed

It's pretty naked looking because all the covers have been removed.

This is the hatch it needs to go through

The hatch is being lifted by the crane

After a few dicey moments, the hatch is lifted clear from the building

and lowered to the ground outside

Now it's the magnet's turn. It's being attached to the ropes dangling from the crane

hoisted up

and lifted through the hatch

and finally lowered onto a waiting flatbed trailer

In a few months, the whole process will be repeated in reverse when a new 1.5T magnet is installed.

More photos of the day can be seen in the album.