Off leash training

The lack of substantial blogging has been caused by several wiki projects I'm doing for work. With the new server comes a new version of MySQL which makes running Mediawiki possible. Now the documentation projects that have been sitting on the back burner are getting wiki-fied, and the people wanting them are pretty excited about it. Naturally all the people who want to wikify their documents all want to do it at the same time. This should go a long way towards getting things like procedure manuals and instructions more widely available and more easily updated though.

Today was Nala's first day in the new off-leash obedience class with Purely Positive at Susan's new space in the West Ashley Dolittles. Nala did pretty well listening to me while being off leash. It's not her first training session off leash, so I expected her to do pretty well. A bag full of treats helped a lot too. The first day was mostly sit/down stays from a distance, heeling and recalls, so nothing too hard yet. It's a small class with only 4 dogs which made things much less chaotic.

This weekend is the Charleston Dog Show at Marion Square. It's always a good time with an abundance of dogs (and people too). The main event is the dog show that's open to all comers. There's even a Heinz 57 class for the mixed breed dogs. I've entered Nala in the Sporting class in previous years. This time I think I'll try Simba out with the judges. I think I'll also see if Simba can pass the CGC test. He should be fine with all the tests except for the one where I leave for a few minutes. Not sure how he'll do with that one, but I've been working on it.

Come on out and bring your pet(s). It'll be a fun time! Just remember to bring some bags so you can pick up after your dog.