Taking the bike out for a spin

Holy crap, is this mountain bike ever geared low. I think it maxes out at about the middle of the gear range of my road bike. In the highest gear I think I barely cracked 25 km/h in a full out sprint. Not all that unexpected for a mountain bike though, I suppose. This thing would be great back home or somewhere with a lot of steep hills to climb. Around here though, not quite so practical. Going to have to do something about the gear range before I think about taking it out onto the road. Shouldn't be too much trouble. New set of chainrings and rear cluster should do it. I'll need to do some research to find out what's available and count out the teeth on the existing chainrings and cluster to see what I've got.

Otherwise it rides pretty smooth. Gets a little bouncy because of the suspension at high cadence, which is going to take a little getting used to. Shifting is a little slack, but I think new cables and a bit of tweaking should take care of that. Few squeaks and clicks that I'll have to figure out the source of.

It was good to be back on a bike again, but I could definitely feel in my legs that it's been a while.