Time for a new camera

I managed to get most of the covers off the camera to have a look inside. i wanted to see if there was a way I could get the lens unstuck and avoid having to get a new camera.

There were about 8 teeny tiny screws that needed to be removed to access the inner guts. The lens assembly was all enclosed and attached to the main board, so there wasn't anyway to access the mechanism and get it unstuck. Without any other moving parts to deal with, there wasn't much else I could do to the camera without risking irreparable damage (i.e. not being able to get it back together), so I decided to put everything back together.

Apparently I put a screw into a place it didn't belong because I ended up missing one of the screws for the outer panels, and I know it didn't skitter off on me at all. So somewhere inside the camera there's a tiny silver screw filling a spot that it doesn't need to be in.

Have to start saving up for a new camera now I guess.