Web access spike

I'm still digesting the data from awstats, but for some reason web server stats on the server has been skyrocketing (double over the previous month) ever since the new server came online.

Radinfo was serving up 50-100 MB/day (and about the same added on for bot traffic), but since the new server came online last month, anywhere from 120-300 MB/day has been the norm now, averaging 240 MB/day. So far this month the server's been averaging almost 270 MB/day! At that rate, I'm looking at a little over 8 GB for this month alone. With bot traffic using up about the same amount of bandwidth, that's a total of 16 GB/month!

I'm not sure why traffic has spiked like this. Awstats doesn't really break it down that much in terms of who is accessing what although there's still a lot of data there to digest. Might have to stuff the web server logs into a database and do some of my own data mining to figure out what's going on.

What the heck is going on and what the heck are all these people doing here?