Linux transition phase 2

The move to Linux (Fedora 7) on my desktop at work is coming along nicely (much better once I remembered to punch a few holes in the firewall so I could establish NFS and Samba connections to various other computers). I've got calendaring and task lists going through Evolution. Still using Thunderbird for mail, although I might move that over to Evolution too.

One stumbling block I'm running into is that most of the spreadsheets I use for equipment testing have significant parts that break under OpenOffice, likely because they use functions that aren't implemented in OO. It's going to take a while to go through them all and figure out what functions are causing the problems and how to work around them.

One significant benefit is that I can test out things like software and config changes a lot easier from my desk before implementing on the server.

The IT folks are planning a move from Groupwise to MS Exchange and Outlook. Not sure how I'll deal with that when the switch happens. Just one more thing to work out.

A few things on the to-do list:

  • Work out GPG integration with email
  • Figure out why some apps aren't launching properly
  • Database replication
  • Fix my spreadsheets