MT4b3 impressions

After futzing about with MT4 doing various things to see what I can break, I've got it settled down using my current set of templates. Everything seems to be working fine on the front end. There are still a few issues with the back end UI that need to be ironed out, and a few issues that I'm working through to figure out if it's a problem with MT or on my end.

Some of the things I've found so far:
- Display options settings in entry creation page don't stick. Also doesn't get settings from Preferences/Blog Settings/Entries (known bug)
- Preferences/Blog Settings/Entries: If I select All and then Save Changes, the selection reverts back to Custom.
- Basename text field is only one character wide
- JS dropdown menus drop down too quickly
- Would be nice if the publishing settings for a template could be set from the template listing page, rather than having to edit each template individually to set the publishing setting. i.e. Check the templates and select something like Dynamic or Static from the More actions dropdown
- Comments take a really long time to publish
- Name/email address fields don't go away when a user is signed into Typekey like they do with my MT3.35 blog
- Autosave kicks in even when nothing has been changed