Necter Wings

Today I found some really hot wings over at Necter (formerly Brinson's Beef and Brew). I'm talking make you sweat, your nose run, eyes bleed hot. I ordered a dozen wings and told the waiter I wanted them as hot as they come. I wasn't disappointed, and the wings were delightful (definitely not for the faint-hearted). These were the hottest wings I've had since moving to Charleston.

To me, they beat out the Habanero Hots or Braveheart from Wild Wing Cafe, which I've always thought of as more medium (although they do tend to be a bit of a creeper) and not nearly as hot as they sound. Then again I have a pretty high tolerance for hot food.

Definitely going back for more.

I've heard Buffalo South has some pretty hot wings too. I'm going to have to stop by and check them out.