Summer School Day 1

First day of the Summer School is over. Today's sessions were all pretty good and very informative. There's a lot of NCRP 147 related stuff in my head and I'm thinking it would be cool to see if I can write up a web-based tool for doing shielding calculations based on NCRP 147. It's easy enough to implement in a spreadsheet so it should be doable in PHP.

The rest of the summer school is all about shielding for radiation therapy, which isn't something I'm terribly interested in, but might be interesting to learn about. I doubt I'll ever have to do a shielding design for a therapy unit, but it's always good to know what kinds of things the other side needs to think about.

I may skip a few sessions and go wandering about the campus a bit. The St. John's University campus seems very nice, and apparently there's a sugar shack where they process their own maple syrup. There likely won't be anything going on now, but it will be interesting to see. I've also heard the monks have this bible illumination project going on which would be cool to see.