Imablog v4

Since MovableType 4.0 went gold yesterday, I decided to roll out a new look for the blog (it uses the Hills Dusk theme from Style Catcher). I've been working on it since beta 5 or so, figuring out the new templates and working out how to incorporate stuff from the old design into the new template scheme.

I managed to salvage most of the blocks I had on the old site and was able to use a few of them with the new layout. There is still some style related tweaking I want to do, but everything seems to be working (if you encounter something broken, let me know). Having a strange issue with getting the category dropdown list working, so in the meantime there's just a big long list of categories in the sidebar.

Known issues

  • There's a lot of inter-blog linkage that's currently broken which is a side-effect of cloning the original blog. I'll probably fix these on a 'as I encounter them' basis.

  • Hitting the archives is slow. This is an inherent problem with the new archive templates and the amount of processing required to build them on the fly. The 5 year old computer I'm using for a server probably isn't helping any either. A little bit of template reorganizing and optimizing should help out with the slowness.

  • Category archives don't show all the entries, which I suspect is related to the Entry Listing Default setting in Blog Settings. I'll probably have to use a very large number for a lastn attribute to get all the entries in each category to show up.

  • "Can't call method "ping_url_list" on an undefined value at lib/ line 1459." happens to me at seemingly random times when trying to publish a new entry.