Oh, poop

Not so good: Nala had grassy diarrhea today. I think she must have found a clump to snack on without me noticing the other day.

Worse: It was waiting for me all over her crate when I got home today. The house was very stinky.

Not so bad: Only a little bit splattered on the carpet and the wall.

Good: I was able to drag the crate (with Nala in it) over to the back door to let her out.

Not so good: She stepped in it getting out of the crate and left poopy paw prints on the back porch..

Good: The crate is easy to clean up.

Not so good: Nala ran back into the house to get a drink of water before I could hose her paws off. More poopy paw prints in the kitchen. Not as bad as on the back porch though.

Good: Cleaning up the carpet was easier than it could have been. Just a few spots here and there, and a little bit of scrubbing on the walls.

The house smells bleachy again. I knew I should have left work earlier.

I'm really going to have to do something about this grass eating thing.