Saturday 6: Karma

Another interesting meme from Patrick.

1. What is the most unlucky thing that has happened to you all week?

The exposure meter I was trying to use to do some CT dosimetry flaked out on me. That was supposed to be the easy part of the testing. The phantom part that was supposed to be hard was easy. The dose part that was supposed to be easy was hard.

That means another 2 hour road trip next week.

2. Do bad things happen more often to good people or bad people?

I think bad things happen to people equally. Bad people usually complain about it more.

3. How much do you believe that you can improve your outlook in life (from a "fate" perspective) by doing good deeds and correcting past wrongs?

Doing good things almost always results in a positive outlook, so I believe in it strongly. Atoning for past misdeeds is a way of coming to terms with yourself and the other person/group and past actions. Most of the time that leads to good things.

4. Take the quiz: What will happen to you in the future?

Im sorry. I have some pretty bad news for you today. It seems like you are going to have some trouble here. You will have an average job and make average money, but remember that money is not EVERYTHING in life. You will marry, but you will marry an average (wo)man. (S)he will not be smart and will be very stupid. The college he or she went to was not famous. If you said that your husband or wife went to that college, theyll be like whats that college? I never heard of that. And in their minds theyll think that YOU and your husband or wife were REALLY stupid because you went to unknown colleges. Here comes the lovely good news. NOT. This is just something that everybody should have. In the future, you will have a lot of friends. WOW! They are all so stupid just like you. Mmmmthis is just another thing that a lot of Americans (or whatever your race is) do/has. They go to unknown colleges (or so stupid that everybody knows it), and ALL of their friends go there. Nowyou seethat my thoughts about good colleges and your thoughts about good colleges may not be the same. Im sorry. You might not just get this straight now. Maybe the college you went to was good, but I think it is bad. Take for instants (something you havent heard of) Tomball College. Some people may think its good, and some people may think it is bad (REALLY stupid people would think it was good) (sorry for the insult if you went there). Nowenough of thisIll stop talking about useless stuff. You WILL bald (if you are a boy. Just ignore this if you are a girl) when you are older. You will die of natural causes when you are 74. Thank you will reading this useless crap.

Honestly, I have no idea what the poll creator is babbling on about here.

(The terrible grammar belongs to the poll creator, not me)

5. Do you believe in fate, coincidence, or both?


6. Overall, when "bad things" happen, how often do you believe the victim generally "had it coming?"

If they are self-induced bad things (brought on by the victim's own stupidity, ignorance, etc) then I usually tend to think they had it coming. I like to think of it as a Darwin kind of thing.

Bad timing, wrong time/wrong place types of bad things I usually don't think feel that way.