Web designing

I'm terrible at web design. I make a pretty good webmaster though, but when it comes to design, I suck. As a result, most of what I come up with tends to be fairly simple, uncomplicated and non-flashy. It also fits with my tendency to prefer simple and low-bandwidth (a hold-over from my modem days I suppose).

Now that my role as webmaster for CSCLRC is official, my first duty was to clean up the horrid HTML generated by FrontPage. The site itself was fine, but the HTML behind it was characteristically messy FrontPage stuff. A little bit of new CSS and a lot of copy/pasting later, I pushed out a new much cleaned up variant of the site largely using the same graphics.

This week, after playing with Inkscape and Gimp, I rolled out a cleaner brighter looking (to me anyway) CSCLRC site. I'm quite pleased with what I've made, although there's still a little tweaking here and there that needs to be done.