What do you mean I can't have it anymore?


From: Stomach
To: Management

Re: Ultra spicy foods

Apparently the previous memo following the hot wings from Necter was not received. Although the Braveheart wings from Wild Wing Cafe (tasty as they are) are not as spicy as the Necter wings, they are still causing minor problems with the food processing equipment. Due to the age of the facilities and normal wear and tear on the equipment, we are finding it more and more difficult to fully process extremely spicy foods. Since management is unable (or unwilling) to procure new equipment for our division, the stomach and other members of the Food Processing Division would like to ask management to refrain from ordering ultra-spicy foods from now on.

If management persists with ordering extremely spicy foods, we cannot guarantee our ability to properly process these items in the future with the equipment currently available.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


Food Processing Division