I feel like I've walked into the Twilight Zone.

A lot has changed around Edmonton since I was here last. Some things have stayed the same, but there's lot of new stuff too. I feel like I've got this double vision thing going on. Everywhere I look, I'm seeing new businesses and buildings superimposed on memories of what I remember from the last time I saw it. It's been especially true wandering around the neighbourhood.

It's a really weird feeling and somewhat disconcerting.

Like this photo for example
Former playground
This used to be the playground in front of my house. Superimposed on this, I see the two slides and sand pit in the foreground (where the posts are), another sand pit and big log castle in the middle, a large grassy hill in the back where the orange fencing is and an asphalt area with a ring of upright logs around the perimeter.

Of the 6 or so sand pits and boxes that used to be scattered around the complex, only one was left.

It must be a very boring place for a kid to grow up in now.

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