Blognic '07

I thought I'd head on over to Wannamaker park early so the dogs could check out the new dog park there. They definitely had a good time, especially once they discovered the muddy pit passing for a pond. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be there or not, or if it's supposed to be more full than it was, but the dogs were enjoying it as much as they could. At least there was a hose available to wash them off a bit.

Muddy dog park

Then it was off to find where we were 'blognic'ing this year. I found Vera and Patrick, and then we eventually found Heather and everybody else. There were about 12 that showed up, along with a half dozen or so kids. I think we all had a pretty good time hanging out, and it was a great day for it too.

Lowcountry Blognic


Heather's daughter managed to capture everybody's attention at one point or another
Center of attention

Proof that Heather does have different shirts other than the black Home Ec 101 shirt.
Grilling Heather

Vera just had to check out the sports scores

What photographer can resist food photography?
Food photography

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