Sea turtle release

It turned out to be a very nice day for Edisto to head back to the ocean.

By the time I got to the beach, there was already quite the crowd assembled and waiting for Edisto's arrival.
Assembled crowd

After a bit of a wait, Edisto finally arrived and was taken out of the pickup truck.
Edisto arrives

It took about 6 guys to haul Edisto out of the truck and deposit him gently onto the beach. I think the large crowd may have spooked him a little because he just kind of stayed there on the beach for a while. They had to pick him up about 3 more times and carry him closer to the water. The device attached to Edisto's back is a GPS tracking device that will be used to track his movements while he's out at sea.

With a little bit of encouragement, he started moving on his own toward the edge of the water.

When Edisto finally made it into the water, the crowd sent him off with a great big cheer.
In the water

Today's release was a pretty cool event. There are still a few more turtles recuperating at the Aquarium's Sea Turtle Hospital so if you missed this one, there will be others coming up. They can always use donations so if you can, help them out a little.

You'll find a few more pictures over in my photo gallery.