December blogger gathering?

So now that everyone is recovering from the turkey-induced food comas, time to see about our next social event. From the comments, El Bohio seems to be an acceptable choice. Chuck proposes this Friday/Saturday (Nov 30/Dec 1) or next Friday/Saturday (Dec 7/8), which should put it nicely before any other conflicting Christmas/holiday events. I'm thinking 6 or 6:30ish or so. Show of hands anyone?

Take a gander at the menu while you're mulling it over.

Update: Two votes for next week so far. I'll make it three. I'm leaning toward a Saturday gathering, but Friday is fine for me too. Anybody else?

Map: In case anybody doesn't know where El Bohio is, here's a Google map. It's across the street from Locklear's on Maybank Highway.

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