Remastered Menagerie

Just got back from watching the remastered version of The Menagerie episode of Star Trek. So. Very. Cool.

Even though I've seen it countless times already, it was great to see on the big screen, with the new CG effects and improved image quality. It was like watching it for the first time again. Following the show were some previews of the remastered second season. Cool looking stuff. The remastered season 1 DVD collection would be very cool to have in the collection, but it's a little to spendy for the budget right now so it'll have to wait.

Now if only the local network broadcasting the remastered series would show it at a decent time.

The crowd was pretty small, maybe a couple dozen people at the Mt. Pleasant theater. Either Trek fans here are very low profile, didn't know about it or all went to a different theater.

In case anybody missed it tonight, there are supposed to be two more showings on Thursday.