Defending territory

The new hospital building hasn't even been fully occupied yet and I'm already having to defend my territory from poachers.

We were given a room for storing all the new equipment needed to test the x-ray equipment over there. It would be completely impractical to haul stuff back and forth every time I needed to test the x-ray equipment there. Plus the room provides me space to test the portable x-ray and mobile c-arm units too.

Today I wandered over there to find the room and start moving things over. When I found it, I discovered that someone had pasted a carefully crafted 'Physician Workstation' label over the sign that said 'Physics Workroom'.

Was someone trying to fix what they thought was a room labeling mistake, or was someone trying to claim it for themselves? Personally I think it was the latter. Whatever the label, the key I was given unlocked the door, so it's mine.

Off came the label and in went my stuff.