Dog rescue transport

Anybody out there between Atlanta and Charleston headed this way this weekend who wants to give a lift to a couple of Labrador Retrievers? They're coming from a shelter in Alabama and headed to a Lab rescue group based in Georgetown. Looks like their trip up to Atlanta is covered so far, but they still need to get from there to Charleston. If you're headed this way, have room (they'll be in crates) and can give them a lift, please think about helping out!

Transports are typically set up in relatively short legs (1-2 hours), so you don't have to be travelling the entire distance from Atlanta to Charleston (although if you were, that would be really cool too). If you're somewhere in between and can help out with one of the legs, that would be marvelous.

I may even end up fostering one of the dogs that you transport!

If you're interested, check out the details.