More Hannah

Now that Hannah's starting to settle in a little more, I'm beginning to see some more of her personality come out.

She's a really sweet girl, loves to be around her people, eats like there's no tomorrow and totally food motivated. Training her has been pretty easy so far. She's got a lot of energy, gets really excited (especially if there's food involved) and seems like she'd get along pretty well with other dogs. I'll have to give her a try at the dog park soon to check that out.

She walks pretty well on leash, but will definitely take off if she sees something interesting. She's the kind of dog that needs a structured and disciplined (ordered) house to live in. If you let her have her way, she'll take it and more. All she needs is consistency, a nice long walk by your side, a comfy spot to lay at your feet and she'll be your best friend.

Hannah in your face

I'm so cool



I think she's still got a little more time to spend with me before she's ready to go to a permanent home, but in the meantime I'm working hard to get her ship-shape and fattened up so that she'll be a very well-behaved dog where ever she ends up going.

Anybody out there have room in their life for this sweetie?