New monitor

The Samsung 226BW I ordered arrived today. Decided to take the opportunity to rearrange the computer setup and move things around a bit. I really need some kind of cable management system.

1600x1050 pixels of LCD goodness. This thing is super bright too. Had to crank the brightness all the way down so that it was tolerable. It's on a swivel stand, but not height adjustable and for some reason it only tilts toward the back. 90° is as far forward as the monitor tilts, so you don't want to position it too high.

Would like to try and get a dual-head setup going with the new monitor and the old CRT. Might look strange, but it's one of the Dell Trinitron 17" monitors and even after 7 years the image quality is still pretty good.

I love this monitor. I want another one now.