Too smart for her own good

One of the problems you run into when training dogs (especially ones that are highly motivated) is that they start offering behaviours they've previously learned (and usually not the ones you want) in order to get the treat.

Hannah's does this all the time. When she first came, the main focus was to get her to enjoy being in the crate. Lots of treats thrown into the crate to get her in, lots of praise when she went in and a few more treats. She also gets fed in the crate.

Now the problem I'm having is that a few treats into the training session, she'll dive into her crate thinking if she stays there she'll get even more treats.

I can close the door, but she still runs over to the crate to try to get in.

Then I have to wait until she figures out she's not going to get anything, and then start all over again until she dives back into the crate again (or tries to).

Kind of breaks the flow of the training. Guess I just have to be more persistent than she is. It is kind of entertaining though.