Desk decluttered

After moving the computer setup to the other desk, I was thoroughly disgusted by the rats nest of cabling building up. Although not as bad as some I've seen, it was getting pretty messy around the desk.

So, inspired by Declutter Your Desk, I decided to DIY a solution based on the peg board method.

A few before shots:

I decided to do the side and back of the desk using pegboard. On the side I used the lock shackle and peg method shown on Declutter Your Desk since this side was going to be supporting the most weight with all the gadgets. This was all done pretty much as described, except with the shackles oriented vertically.

On the back since I was only planning on securing cables, I went with eye screws and S hooks. This let the pegboard swing free and is easy to move around. Just drill a few pilot holes into the desk and screw in the eye screws.

After that was done came the task of arranging and attaching everything to the pegboard. I used zipties instead of wire.

And here's how everything looks after:

The UPS is far too heavy to mount on the pegboard, so it stays on the floor.

Shopping list (I already had a bunch of zip ties, so didn't need to buy those.):
2 2'x4'x1/8" pegboard - $3.53 each
3 2.5" lock clasps - $2.56 each
Open S hooks (package of 6) - $0.88
1 1/8" eye screws (package of 10) - $0.90
5/16"x48" dowel - $0.68
Total cost: $17.20