Photography meetup

Just a reminder that Wednesday is the second meetup for the 21st Century Photography (Digital & Film) Meetup Group. The first meetup was a nice social gathering where we all got to learn a little bit about everybody.

Let's explore the latest high tech trends, new smaller and smaller cameras, swap tips and techniques, share images, experiences and expectations -- and have fun doing it!

This next meetup is going to be a bit of a show-and-tell with people bringing in selections of some of their photos to show off. I'll have my laptop and projector to throw everbody's photos up onto the wall (I guess I better check the projector and make sure it still works). I might even remember to bring my laser pointer too.

If you're already part of the group, bring some of your photos along on CD or thumb/flash drive.

If you're not, check out the group and sign up if you're interested. We'd love to have you.