Cutting the cable

A grand experiment.

Inspired by my sister, who got rid of their cable TV service a while ago, I thought I'd try something similar although not quite as drastic. I'm just going to leave the TV off for the rest of the month.

Aside from a few hours of watching the kids watch cartoons while visiting my brother, I've already been TV-less for a week now. I have plenty of books to read, the dogs to play with and a steady stream of movies coming in from (which I have to watch on my computer now because the DVD player is flaking out) to keep me occupied.

Except for a few shows like Mythbusters, Stargate and Battlestar Galactica, I wasn't watching a whole lot of TV anyway. When it was on, it mostly provided background noise and a lot of times I was just watching reruns.

It's been pretty easy so far and I haven't missed the TV yet. Resisting the temptation to watch Battlestar Galactica on Fridays will be the biggest challenge.

Maybe the TV will stay off even longer!