Seattle week in review

Had an excellent trip up to the Seattle area last week to visit my sister and brother. The day after I arrived in Seattle, we took off on a road trip to BC to visit my brother. I got to meet baby Jocelyn, the newest addition to the family
Me and baby Jocelyn

I also got to meet my other niece, Vivian for the first time.

It was nice seeing all the kids together again
All the kids

We spent a couple of days there, then came back and did touristy things in Seattle, like visiting Pike Place Market. Even got to see some of the fish flinging that goes on at the Pike Place Fish Co.

Pike Place Fish  Co..

Saw cheese being made at Beechers
Flipping blocks of cheddar wannabes

and visited the Seattle Aquarium
Look, I'm a moon jelly!

Here's a sea star getting ready to make a meal of a big clam
Sea star getting a big dinner

Went hiking down to Snoqualmie Falls
Snoqualmie Falls

A short but sometimes steep hiking trail takes you past a small power generating plant to an observation deck near the bottom of the falls
The base of the falls

We visited the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery where I learned all about the life cycle of salmon and got to see a bunch of little salmon growing up in holding tanks
Me and Kieran posing with the salmon

and went out to dim sum a couple of times (you've already seen those pictures). Found time to visit a little zoo, the Cougar Mountain Zoological Park where we saw lots of interesting animals
Help!  A grizzly's got me!

A trio of alpacas

And then after what seemed like no time at all, it was time to head back home. Even managed to make it all the way back home without getting stuck in Memphis this time.