Charleston Tea

Today's visit to the Charleston Tea Plantation for their First Flush festival turned out to be a lot of fun.

A field of tea bushes (Camellia sinensis) when you drive into the plantation
One of the many fields of tea plants at the plantation

The factory tour is definitely very interesting and informative. One of the must-do's while you're there.
A look into the tea factory

Plenty of people came to enjoy the great weather and live entertainment
Enjoying the live entertainment

According to the Tea Trolley tour guide, the original plantation up in Summerville was abandoned after the original owner died. All of the plants at the Charleston Tea Plantation were propagated (cloned) from plants recovered from the original plantation. If you're in Summerville, some of those unruly bushes on your property might just be tea bushes!
Close up of the leaves on the tea plants

More pictures from the day over in the photo gallery.