Kids in the Hall: Still awesomely funny

Kids in the Hall show tonight was totally awesome. They definitely haven't lost their irreverence and ability to offend (Buddy Cole's monologue would definitely offend lots of people here). But they're still funny as hell. A few recurring characters made appearances which brought much applause and shouting from the crowd, and lots of new stuff that I laughed very hard at. There was even some improv going on, like during the Two Salesmen skit when Bruce McCullough dropped the big jar of 'fat' and spilled it all over the stage.

My favourites were Gavin meets the Jehovah's Witnesses and the final skit of the night with Head-crusher guy Mr Tyzik and a video camera. It was a pretty hilarious skit and a good way to end the show. Dave Foley's time travel machine was pretty good too.

There were a lot more people at the show than I expected, filling about half of the North Charleston PAC. Didn't think there were that many people in Charleston who knew who Kids in the Hall were. One guy even held up a Canada shirt that showed up on the screen during the last skit.

It was kind of funny watching Scott Thompson try to figure out what to do with the bra that was thrown onto the stage (and eventually putting it on).

Fantastic show and I'm glad I got to go see it.