Roundup subbing

While Heather's off enjoying her rainy Myrtle Beach vacation, I'll fill in a bit with my small subset of TBB and some random clicking through the blogroll.

Big news this week was the death of George Carlin, marked by several LC bloggers.

Allison at modern.charleston notes the North Charleston Farmer's Market has moved.

Geoff goes from pirate to legit.

From illegally bitorrenting some of the tracks in the first place, to legally downloading all of them off of iTunes, I then decided that what I really wanted was a copy of CD to keep forever, because - well - there's something still a teeny bit odd about buying something and JUST having it as an AAC or MP3 file isn't there. Isn't there?

YDPC is back with more pictures of tasty nom-noms.

Her rhubarb crisp is really really good.

A poop story only a parent could come up with I suppose :)

One day I dumped the entire grocery bag full of dirty underwear into the washer without sorting it first. I washed the load and then transferred it to the dryer. About fifteen minutes later I started to notice that my house smelled odd, which was funny since I was cleaning my kitchen at the moment. But rather than the smell of Comet wafting through my home, there was another "odor" that I couldn't put my finger on. Thirty minutes later the dryer buzzed that my laundry was done. At this point the house smelled FUNKY.

Don't forget the last Thursday meetup is coming up in a couple of days!