Running stalled

My lunchtime runs have been stalled a bit for the past week mostly because of being busy and working through lunch.

I'm actually finding it not so bad running on the outdoor track of the Wellness center. Sure, it's hot as hell and I'm dripping in sweat before I even get started, but most of the time there's a breeze for at least part of the circuit. Even with the heat, the actual running bit has been relatively easy.

The hard part, perhaps not surprisingly, is just getting out to the Wellness center in the first place. Just thinking about stepping out into 30C+ and a bajillion % humidity is enough to sap the life out of you. Finding the motivation to step outside is definitely not easy, but one of those things I just have to force myself to do. Not a lot of shade on the walk over to the Wellness center either, which makes finding the motivation to go doubly hard.