Tea snobbery

Finally getting around to trying out the teas I picked up at the Charleston Tea Plantation's First Flush festival a couple of weeks ago.

Before me, I have in one mug their regular American Classic tea. In another mug, the 2008 First Flush tea. Both were brewed using water just off the boil and steeped for 3 minutes.

Both teas brew up quite a bit lighter than I would have expected for black teas, about the same colour as an oolong tea. The taste is remarkably similar too I think, only milder. Admittedly it has been a while since my last cup of oolong, so I might be mistaken. I'm all out of oolong tea too, so I'll have to go find some and do a comparison.

The first flush tea is definitely different than the regular American Classic. It brews a little bit darker with a little stronger and somewhat more 'green' and woody flavour (to my very untrained palate).

They're both pretty mild flavoured teas compared to other black teas I've had, but quite enjoyable when sitting down with a book or lounging in the rocker on the porch. Stop by for a cuppa and we can compare notes.