So far, Barkley is showing himself to be a very stereotypical young Lab. He's very active and rambunctious, very clingy, always curious, and if you're not watching him closely, getting into trouble.

We're still working on his house training. I know he's quite capable of holding it while he's in the crate, but outside he always seems to want to pee every couple of hours. I think he's starting to get it through his little brain that he's not supposed to pee inside though, but it's still a work in progress at the moment.

He does pretty well at walking on the leash. Doesn't pull too much, but he does tend to wander around and if you're not careful you'll find your legs wrapped up by the leash.

He's starting to get a little bit better about being in the crate at night. He's down to whining and crying for only 15 minutes before settling down now instead of the loud anguished and tortured cries he used to make.

Haven't been out to the dog park with Barkley yet because he's still got a staple in him from his neutering operation. It looks like the staple can come out so I'll try to get him in to the vet tomorrow or Tuesday and get one of the vet techs to remote it. Then we can let the fun begin.

Nala (L) and Barkley (R) sleeping
Sleepy dogs