Decided to name the new foster Barkley. I suppose it was inspired a little bit by the ST:TNG character, but it seems to fit him nicely. He's seems to be settling into the house nicely.

I can tell now that Barkley's a very high energy dog and one who likes to run around. Yesterday he got a bath and we discovered that the staples from his neutering operation were still in. Didn't realize he had *just* been neutered. This means no trips to the dog park and *trying* to keep him from being too wild at least until next week when his staples are supposed to come out. At least he smells better now.

The patch on his forehead seems to be healing up nicely and I see a few hairs trying to grow back. I suspect most of it will remain a large bald patch though.

Still trying to get some decent pictures of him.