Beach bum Stanley

A vet appointment for Nala this morning gave me the perfect excuse to take the morning off and head to the beach with Stanley and the dogs before going to the vet. So off we went to the Washout area at Folly Beach. It was just before high tide, so there wasn't much beach area to speak of so we just stood and watched and listened to the waves.

Then we went over to the Folly Beach fishing pier where there was a little more beach to wander around on. Unfortunately the fishing pier has a no dogs rule, so we couldn't go for a walk on the pier.

Off to the vet. Nala has this quarter sized patch that she's been scratching at so I wanted to get it checked out because she's losing hair there now. Stanley's checking out what the vet tech is scribbling down in Nala's chart.

Peeking through the door into the secret back area

Waiting patiently on the exam room table

And that brings an end to Stanley's adventures in Charleston with me. He's at the mail box now waiting for Mail Guy to pick him up, but before packing him up I included a package of Nala and Simba's favourite cookies from The Good Dog Bakery for Stanley to share with the dogs at his next stop.