New foster is here

The new foster arrived a few hours ago, and he's a big friendly energetic boy. My guess is that he's about a year old or so and he's taller than Nala. Don't really know what the story on him is aside from the fact that he was pulled from a shelter and despite baths was stinky enough for the people he was staying with temporarily to have him shaved. He's got this big patch of missing fur and skin on his forehead from a blob of pine sap that fell on him and accidentally got ripped off when he was trying to crawl under something.

He needs a name too. His temporary fosters (the people who brought him to me) told me the shelter people named him Matt, but that doesn't seem to fit him. I'll see what kind of dog he is over the next couple of days and try to come up with something appropriate.

Pictures to come once he's settled down enough and will sit still long enough for me to get some photos.