Imaging equipment pr0n

A few years ago when I was at a weekend course at MD Anderson, I discovered that not all medical physicists have had the luxury of seeing the innards of the equipment we're supposed to be experts on. This was something of a surprise to me. I'd been seeing the insides of equipment since my undergrad days and always made it a point to be around whenever I heard the service guys were working on a piece of equipment. I had assumed that most of the people at the course with me also had the same opportunities at some point in their career, most of them being much older than I was. Apparently I was wrong.

Since a big part of my job is keeping tabs on all the imaging equipment, I get to see most of it in various stages of undress at some point or another. This usually happens when the equipment is being installed or being serviced. Every now and then I also have my camera with me to take pictures, so I decided to make a Flickr stream of some of the naked imaging equipment I've taken pictures of.