The rain stopped about an hour ago, so I ventured out in cold wet sandals to get some more pictures of the back yard.

This is where the swale drains into the ditch. Normally during even heavy rains, the water never gets very deep here. Maybe ankle deep at most. Today in the shallow spots farthest away from the ditch, I was in water up to mid-calf.
Swale meets Ditch

The ditch that runs beside the house is about 1m deep. Most of the time it never fills up, even during heavy rains. The 12+ hours of rain today filled it up and then some.
Full ditch

This is the other end of the yard, next to the neighbours. This is where the water was mid-calf deep (easily 30 cm).
Swale meets Fence

Looking down towards the ditch. It's a lot of water to drain away.
Along the swale