2008 Year end synopsis

I tend not to dwell too much on the past, but I felt like going through my blog entries for the past year and decided to try and summarize the past year from my blog's perspective.

January: Acceptance tested 20+ x-ray units in less than two weeks at MUSC's Ashley River Tower prior to opening. Became an uncle again. Signed up to volunteer with Wild Heir Labrador Rescue. LCB blogger meetup with "tweeters" showing up for the first time.

February: Got my first foster dog. Made it to SEWE for the first time. Finally ditched the 17" CRT monitor for a 22" LCD for my computer.

March: My first foster got adopted. Desk decluttering project.

April: Went to Seattle to visit sister and brother for the first time in 5 years. Decided to dump cable for a month (ended up lasting about 3 months). Got foster dog #2. Got to handle new birds at the SC Aquarium.

May: Visited a tea plantation without having to leave the country. Saw Kids in the Hall live for the first time.

June: Celebrated a year of Linux on my desktop at work and 5 years of blogging. Joined up with fellow Linux users.

July: Nala was diagnosed with a mast cell tumour and successfully treated. Touched by FSM. Apple store opened. Started my Lowcountry Dog Park Tour project.

August: Foster dog #2 adopted. Door spiders.

September: CSCLUG's first event, demo day. Had a visitor arrive. Got foster dog #3. Blog and photo gallery got a new home.

October: 4 dogs, 1 house. The Great Rain of 2008.

November: My take on the election. Went to Chicago for RSNA.

December: Deep dish pizza. Nuff said. Broken gamma camera. Oysters and good company. Doesn't get much better. Is it really December?