The Baker's Dog: Doggie noms

Baker's Dog Packages

The dogs have thoroughly enjoyed their treats from The Baker's Dog, especially the Lamb and Rice ones. The lamb and rice cookies are small hard cookies that the dogs seem to really like. First they crunch crunch crunch, then sniff around for any crumbs they might have dropped and lick them up. Then they look at me hoping for another one.

Baker's Dog Lamb and Rice

Nala was a little sceptical about the PB and Honey treats at first. When I first gave one to her, she took it, then dropped it out of her mouth as if to say "what the heck is this?". She usually does this any time I give her something new though and eventually decided it was good to eat. The other dogs didn't hesitate at all before downing them. I'm not sure they even chewed.

Baker's Dog PB and Honey

While The Baker's Dog probably won't replace The Good Dog Bakery as my dog treat source, mostly because they're just down the road from me (and they also sell some pretty rocking treats that the dogs love), Baker's Dog will definitely be on my list for regular purchases. Paul Reynolds has done a great job setting up the online store and making the online purchase experience fun and easy, especially with the custom labels. In fact he made it almost too much fun and I ended up sending out gifts to a few dog owning friends before I made myself stop.

Sending out bags of treats with a picture of your own pet(s) couldn't be simpler. Create an account for yourself at the store and add the treat of your choice to the shopping cart. Adding a photo is as easy as uploading the photo and selecting the region that will be printed on the label. There's a one time fee of $4.99 for each photo, and after that you can use it on as many bags as you like and as often as you like. You can even share the photo with others (they won't have to pay the fee) so they can use it for their purchases.

Two paws up (any more and the dogs would fall down) for The Baker's Dog. Go visit them, online or in person if you happen to be in the Myrtle Beach area.