Holiday meetup at Bowen's Island Restaurant

The masses (all four of them) have chosen Wednesday for a holiday meetup. I'll give them a call and make sure they're not closed for some special event that evening and if they're not let's all meet there around 6ish (come earlier if you want to catch the sunset)

Oh, and as I recall, they don't take credit cards there. Cash only.


Update: Confirmed that Bowen's Island Restaurant is open tomorrow so see you then! Jared: give us a nice clear forecast for tomorrow evening so I can get some good sunset photos!

In case you've never been, here's a Google Map to the restaurant. It's pretty easy to get there. Just head down Folly Road towards Folly Beach and hang a right onto Bowen's Island Road (you should see a large slightly faded billboard). When you think you've gone too far and missed it, keep on going a little bit further and you'll be there

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