RSNA Day 5

Today's the last day of RSNA, and I'll be wrapping it up with a final refresher course on emerging PET applications and a session on radiation safety in CT. Then it'll be time to find my way to the airport and head home. A recap of today's sessions will have to wait until tomorrow, unless I can score some free wifi at the airport while I'm waiting for my flight.

RSNA was a pretty good show this year with vendors showing off lots of interesting new devices. There was a much more international flavour on the exhibit floor this year than in previous years I've been to RSNA. Germany, Korea and China all had multi-vendor trade booths set up which I thought was interesting.

A lot of great sessions on radiation dose optimization and management, so I have a lot of things rolling around in my head and a few ideas to work out.

RSNA moment: East meets west cuisine. Part of the breakfast the hotel sets out is biscuits and gravy. Yesterday morning while I was grabbing some breakfast, the Asian guy in front of me dished out a small bowl of sausage gravy, grabbed some toast and sat down. I doubt he knew about biscuits and gravy, but he seemed to like the gravy enough to go back and get a second bigger bowl of it.