The Baker's Dog: Taste Testing

The dogs received a present courtesy of Paul Reynolds at The Baker's Dog today: a sample of Paul's new doggie Oreo-type cookies for taste testing and a mixed gift bag of dog biscuits.

Baker's Dog surprise

Doggie Oreos

Note: the dogs would like to say that the mixed gift bag had absolutely no influence on how well they enjoyed the doggie oreos (I suppose I should call them sandwich cookies or something to avoid trademark infringement). They happily enjoyed all of the treats equally.

The new sandwich cookies are pretty substantial: two of the lamb and rice cookies dipped in carob with a solid yogurty type filling between them. They look pretty tasty, and I have to admit I was tempted to nibble on one because they looked so good. I'm not sure how many calories each one would come out to, but these probably aren't something you want to give your dog lots of or you're likely to end up with a very chubby dog. They'll definitely appeal to dog owners looking for a tasty wheat/corn free treat (me being one of them) to reward their dog with.

Doggie Oreo

On to the taste testing. Simba and Barkley aren't exactly the most discriminating eaters, so they gobbled down their cookies right away and came looking for more. Simba did pause a little bit to lick the carob coating before eating his though. Nala is much more discriminating and had to sniff and lick her cookie a few times before eating it.

Nala's new treat

Nala eating her treat

Nala's a pretty messy eater and ends up dropping crumbs all over the place, which Simba is always more than happy to help clean up.

Simba cleaning up

Nala making sure to get all the crumbs she dropped.

Cleaning up the crumbs

Final verdict: based on how fast the doggie sandwich cookies disappeared, two paws up. Barkley is still sniffing around looking for any crumbs that might have been missed. Paul, the dogs will be very disappointed if these don't become a regular item.