Comfy new bed

A new Pooch Planet ThermaCare memory foam pet bed was one of the items I won in the CSCLRC raffle at the dog show today.

Nala's been curled up on it ever since I brought it home this afternoon. She hasn't even gotten up to follow me around the house like she usually does. I think she likes it.

Nala's new bed

It's a pretty nice pillow that contains chips of memory foam (the package calls it MemoryLoft) that would otherwise have been disposed of in a landfill, making it a reasonably green product. The pillow is baffled with about 5 chambers to prevent the foam chips from getting bunched up and lumpy. The outer cover is removable and can be machine washed.

I think the fact that Nala hasn't gotten off the bed in the past 4 hours attests to the comfort of the bed. It's quite a comfortable bed, and I'm halfway tempted to use it for myself.

I may have to find a couple more of these for the other dogs.