Counter surfing Barkley

I've been getting fairly regular updates from Barkley's new owners about his antics, most of which make me laugh (BTW, if you've ever adopted a rescue dog that lived in a foster home, send them updates...we love to know that a dog we fostered is doing well).

Being a pretty tall dog, counter surfing comes pretty easy for Barkley. I always kept an eye on him when he was in the kitchen and made sure there wasn't anything edible within reach. It didn't keep him from trying to counter surf though. At his new home, he seems to be having a little more success.

this is what happened to the flour i'd spread out on the counter to knead dough ...

Cleaned Counter

when i pointed to the counter and said "no!! no! no barkley!" he just wagged and wagged his tail

Barkley caught