JB's for BBQ

Thanks to Chrys and LowcountryBBQ.org, a group of blogging and tweeting BBQ enthusiasts is starting to grow. Tonight some of us converged at JB's Smokeshack tonight for good company, conversation and some mighty tasty BBQ.

Gathered for BBQ

Can't really explain why I've been here so long without making a trip to JB's until recently. Like most BBQ joints around here, it doesn't really look like much, but what it's lacking in appearance is more than made up for by the food.

The buffet comes in two sections, and it's hard not to make at least two trips up to the buffet. Everything is drool-inducing good. At $8 ($11 for dinner), it's tough to find a deal like this that's much better.

Buffet line at JB's

Smoked brisket carving station

To go along with the pile of smoked meat on your plate, there's a variety of sauces on the table. The brisket carving guy recommended the mild sauce to go along with the brisket. Not too much of it though he said, or it will mask the flavour of the brisket. He was pretty spot on too, although I would expect that he knows what he's talking about.

Sauce lineup

Definitely a place where you'll never leave hungry (unless you're a vegetarian).